Season 2: Episode 3 – Humility in Humidity

Its hard to be humble.

5 years ago I was failing all my subjects, being under academic observation, a total humiliation for my parents for not being a top scorer, and sleeps my way in class so that I can at least have that 5% bonus mark for attendance.

This year, I’m talking about Japan Corporation Law, explaining to fellow brilliant colleagues (who are mostly 4.00CGPA top academic scorers from oversea universities) about Energy Consumptions, the Australian Stock Exchange ruling on Human Resources disclosure and also the application of eco-friendly products and Human Rights. Not to mention how Reseach and Development can be included in the product’s life cycle and converting tonnes of crude oil to gigawatt hour.

10 years ago, boys at school called me an ugly stupid girl because I flunk Add-maths, and I was ugly. I’ve gotten the kick for being stupid and ugly compared to those righteous hard-working tudung-claded girls who gets 80% for their Add-maths.

This year, I’m mingling with successful young professionals with 3 times the experience I have and have been around the world and seen life most of it.

Its hard to be humble but its harder to tell people that, I am not smart, I am very stupid, I’m still young and at times, its tiring to be thinking and analysing too much. ;-(

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