Season 2: Episode 2 – Sexy Nurse Fantasy

Sunday at 7ish.

Abby: where are you?

Farah: off .. jap nak call client ni .. can u believe it .. aku nak go thru deck ngn die skrg .. u?

Abby: office. drinks later? lets vent bout work

Farah: wat time?

Abby: dunno, when I start gagging and your dead brain cannot go on bypass anymore .. keep me updated when you wanna leave ok

Farah: im still on the fon

Abby: woah. crazy. okay …. later then.

an hour later …

Farah: babe .. u still there?

Abby: yes. lapar. :(:(

Farah: nak mkn mana? i nk chow dah

Abby: Dunno. Owh, ye ke. Alamak

Farah: actually i ckp kat my mom nak blk dinner

Abby: I macam belum lagi. Owh, its okay then

Farah: but i can teman u mkn first b4 blk

Abby: I catch up with you soon. I still tengah buat kerja

Farah: or u nak lepak lambat2 sket?

Abby: Next time okay, before I go to jakarta … Hah, boleh gak

Farah: ha ok

Abby: You gi balik makan dulu.

Farah: bg i blk dulu .. yes .. ok

Abby: Maybe 10? I give you a ring when I finish work

Farah: nnti u buzz this my lil pony ok?

Abby: Not a wedding ring ok

Farah: ok .. cool .. HAHAHAHHA .. bodoh


Farah: kau mmg .. ok .. i go 1st ok .. babai

Abby: bye bye

Farah: aku dah nak pengsan lapa

Abby: okay, makan banyak banyak kot kot kau kena angkat aku nanti .. sebab aku akan pengsan sikit jam lagi

Farah: hahaha .. okok .. aku bawak ambulans skali


Farah: woww .. pastu aku pakai baju nurse .. seksi

Abby: hahahahaha

Farah: kau lagi pengsan tanak bgn

Abby: aku langsung pengsan tak bangun … you read my mind!!!!


Abby: HAHAHAHAHA … OKAY .. Okay, go home now .. So makan cepat then lets lepak

Farah: ok .. bye

Sunday working. Some sexy nurse-uniform-wearing fantasy. You never know what happens when we’re chatting. I’m sorry, you do.

This is why we’re together. And this is why we’re bloody single. Its 8.30pm on a Sunday pushing work because on other days, aside from being knackered, wasted and totally unproductive, we do have a life. A single working life of course.

But at least we have each other.

I should finish one company now. So I’ll be able to vent it out later with her.

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