Season 1: Episode 11 – Tales from the Beach

We arrived. With shoulders, back and head, aching from the zombified straight up sleep we had.

*perut berbunyi*

Dua beradik berjalan tanpa arah tujuan. Wait, we do have arah tujuan, we just don’t know, which way to go to head towards our arah tujuan.

Found it. The ferry ride. I never had one. The last time we came to Penang, it was 1991, Abah drove on the Penang bridge. I was … 9. Too young. To. Remember.

The sunrise was nice. Thats a good start. After the whole night on the train. Yes, train ride was great. Some of the stops didn’t evolve at all. Its like you went through a time tunnel which took you back in the 30s. Where hawkers selling ‘ais kepal’ for 5 cents and people in their batik sarongs and baju kedah. Nice feeling. Bumped into an acquaintance on the ferry, wow, people I know is everywhere. Must remind self to message her on Friendster to add me up on Facebook instead.

Ah, Friendster, dah lama tak buka.

Anyways, we got to Penang. Must find food. Tummy is hungry. Food we found. Now, must find cabbie to take us to Baru Feringhi.

Uncle Cabbie: Lu mau teksi?

Abby: Ya.

Uncle Cabbie: Mana mau pigi?

Abby: Itu kem askar dekat batu feringhi. Uncle tau ka?

Uncle Cabbie: Ooo .. itu kem askar kanan jalan aa? Tau tau. Lu sikijap tunggu. Wa mau pancut!


Seriously, I wanted to laugh my lungs out and roll on that bloody road while he go ‘pancut’.

*note to self – don’t shake his hand by any means*

*shit, he touched my bag when he took it out of the boot*

*its okay, dah basuh beg semalam – pheww – lega*

Sun …….. Sand ……… Beach ………. Abby ……….

It felt as if its meant to be. My being there. I’ve lived by the beach two times. Once in Melaka, right by Tanjung Bidara, the Terendak army camp. The beach is just 10 minutes walk away. Sometimes me and Muid will ride our bicycles to Tanjung Bidara to have some ABC then a swim during the weekends. We stayed there for 2 years. Then, there was Port Dickson. Another 10 minutes walk from the beach. During my after-SPM vacation, I’d go there to read and run. Back then, I haven’t started writing. *smiles*

Batu Feringhi in particular has a different atmosphere compared to the town. The Island people smell you find everywhere and the island feeling is there.

*massages at the beach*

*random chats with strangers and locals*

Towards my last day, we hiked up the 40 steps towards our chalet. Once we reached the parking area, a voice greeted me.

“Best kan mandi pantai?”

My eyes search for the source. A little 3-4 year old boy, not looking but still speaking to me.

“Best. Awak tak turun ke?”


“Yelah, dah nak hujan pun”

“Ish, takpe mandi pantai masa tengah hujan …” then he was going on and on and I can no longer hear him as he walk towards his chalet.

Simply amazing that he talks like a grown-up and grown-up I know some few, gives me stupid baby talks like ‘dah makan? makan ape? alaaaaaa, tak ajak i pun …..” or “i dah ngantuk … tapi you takde kat sini i nak peluk …”

Annoying baby talk aside, the bitch has more beach tales to tell but maybe for later.

It has been a nice weekend-vacation for me. Am making plans for more beach trips in my mind. Alongside other things. Like paying debts. Lalalala …

This series will end with Episode 12. Stay tuned.

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