Season 1: Episode 10 – Last but at least

Kosmik Kembara nampak tidak berapa sihat. Namun masih cekap menggagahi lorong dan jalan penuh sesak di muka bumi Kuala Lumpur. *keluhan* Sedih juga melihat Kosmik Kembara. Walaupun makannya cukup, tetapi jarang ke doktor. Kita tidak tahu tahap kesihatannya bagaimana.

Then again, I think of myself as the same.

How I treat all my lovable belongings, is exactly how I treat myself.

“Boss, Surya Ori ada tak?”

“Surya Ori tada. Surya Amaran ada.”


“Hah. Takpe la. Kasi itu Surya Amaran 12.”

Maka batang nikotin dihisap dengan penuh berwaspada, kerana labelnya ialah, ‘Surya Amaran’. Jikalau mamak kedai itu mahir berbahasa Inggeris dan label itu ditulis didalam bahasa Inggeris, barangkali akan kedengaran “Surya Ori tada. Surya Warning ada”. Mungkin lebih sedap begitu.

To find the smuggled Surya has been quite a task. I’m just thankful that boss have dealings in Jakarta, hence, the opportunity for me to pesan rokok from him. How convenient. Analysing companies to check on their ISO14001 and OHSAS certificates and here I am breaching both, environment and health & safety.

Work … Year End. Christmas-eve work vent. At 7pm)

Disclaimer: Its a must to include a chat conversation in the episode

Fozz: TAU TAK.
Abby: tak
Fozz: ive been rushing for this 1 proposal.. tgk2 client cancel plakkk. PENATNYEE 1 hari dok buat ok
Abby: ok. hows your 3 schedule going? OMG! is it that 3 schedule?
Fozz: now no more 3 scheudles ;aa..2 scheudles left
Abby: lah. sian you
Fozz: satu tu dah siap, rupenye tak jd. AERGHHH
Abby: I dah sent 1 email. formulating the second and sending in 15 mins time
Fozz: okok
Abby: should be sending 3
Fozz: good. im gonna proceed with scheudle 2
Abby: lepas ni nak join adi, edri semua kat devi’s. okay. LETS WORK!
Fozz: hehe okok. at least u dah ade aim. go ahead
Abby: sambil youtube dengar garbage. hehehehehehe
Fozz: hehehe. okok
Abby: dan nyanyi sensorang kat ofis
Fozz: besttt!jom concentrate
Abby: jom! another email done!
Abby: come on babe. we can do this
Fozz: huaaa. okok
Abby: babe, jangan jadi analyst. I have to push on my anal side
Fozz: haha
Abby: *sigh*
Fozz: dun be a planner. u risk urself from being a perfectionist to be a complete careless-prone person
Abby: hahaha. okay. I take note. shit, its dark
Fozz: coz there so much things that you are expected to be anal at. yet when theres too much, it becomes unbearable
Abby: true true
Fozz: mcm rs nak muntah pon ade. pastu u r held responsible when u do silly mistakes. coz u r suppose to be anal remember? ARGH
Abby: huhuhuhuhu

I didn’t hit my target. But its okay. Work is work. We all have our own occupational hazard and these days, Mental Health and Stress Management is part of occupational hazard too!


Then … Comes Christmas into picture.

Yesterday, was indeed a fulfilling day with joyful laughter and hugs. Its the season for love. Started with a nice grocery shopping, then a great Christmas lunch, and ended with a warm Christmas supper with some little close friends. I (help) cook though *coughs*

I imported a cook, and invited a couple of friends. We had pasta, salad, fried chicken, ice-cream and fruit punch. We watched ‘Snatch’, ‘Sumpah Pocong’, ‘Jakarta Undercover’ and ‘Monkeybone’ until 5am. We had some additional substances. And of course just nice time hanging out.

Its a Joyful Merry season. Its 2008 coming to an end. Personally, it has been quite a journey for a whole year. Funnily, its the same for most of the people I gotten to know. This year alone, I’ve befriended a lot of new amazing characters and met so many people.

Last … BUT at least … I’m glad towards the end, the domesticated Abby has come back.

To end this, I hold my cup of egg noc (my first ever) up high in the warmth of my office on a Boxing day, to thank those who have been involved directly or indirectly to my soul search for the past year.

Now … train ride to Penang at 10.30pm tonight. *I’m EXCITE !!*

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