Season 1: Episode 9 – More Than This

She started asking me questions and answering it in the middle of my answering her questions.
I don’t know whether its just a German thing or its just her. Today, I try to play her game. I sit, nod and smile while she talks. “Yes. Just do that.” After she finished talking.

Its very quiet in the office. Just the four of us. At each row. Minding our businesses. Secretly wishing the other doing work. While me, I’m writing this. Yes. A slacker. Recently promoted to Senior Slacker. *grins*

She started talking again. This time, she kind of like menyambut ayat-ayat yang keluar dari bibir saya. It felt like Choral Speaking. Or maybe I’m like a vocal teacher. Like a dance teacher in front where the student carefully immitate the steps by the side. Only when it deals with talking, its tad … annoying.

Kembali sunyi.

Suddenly …

Khairina: buy me back! u kaya raya lady whose worth like freaking 15million?!?!??!!

Abby: Hahaha, and heyloo makcik. when you wanna buy me?

Khairina: omg! i sooo cant afford u even if i sold my soul now! gila ok hahaha


People are going crazy over Facebook applications, I tell you. I just disabled Fighter’s Club and took myself off from all the groups I was invited to join. I’m just playing Friends For Sale right now. And that is not even on daily basis.

*not-so silver-screen*

Last night treasured one of those best moments you have when you meet the people you misses so much. Although I talk, chat and meet Farah every week (maybe not meet la kan). But we chat everyday and I still misses her. And so, we were there to discuss Enni’s wedding itinerary. Aya was there as well. I had to meet them. I’m skipping the akad nikah and the reception at De Palma.

Farah: So, you berinai tak?

Enni: Alaa .. I tak berinai la … Takpe ke?

Abby: Takpe Enni, its just cultural. Kalau I kan, I rasa I tak berinai. Baik aku tattoo terus! Body art. And bila makcik-makcik tanya, kata je la, ‘Ini lah inai saya’.

Enni: Hahahaha … Pastu kenapa hitam sangat inai kau kan.

Abby: Itulah … Siap ada kaler kaler sekali. ‘Ni modern nye inai makcik. Lama sikit. Tahan 2 bulan’.

Enni: Bodoh, padahal permanent.

We end the night with Aya playing ‘professional portrait artist’ and sketched the picture of all three of us chatting.

He captioned it ‘3 Crazy Ladies’. We left hartamas square at about midnight.

Sampai sahaja pintu pagar rumah, satu pesanan teks ringkas masuk ke telefon bimbit yang tiada bertujuan itu.

“I’m home babe. U? Gd exercise, no doubt! I miss having u guys everyday like uni years. Get gd rest babe. Gnite”

Kemudian ketika jam menunjukkan pukul 2 pagi, satu lagi pesanan teks ringkas memeriahkan hidup sunyi telefon bimbit saya.

“Sori juz finished all my routine. aku mandi scrub n shampp rmbut, siap blow smpi kering n pki serum! blum describe face regime aku lg. aku rasa aku sesuai jd attendant hospital. btw, tanx alot 4ur time, u guys r sure a medicine 2 all myhard days. aku rasa worth gle jumpe setan2 gelak ni. t*t*k i kembng je gelak nonstop.”

I have weird and crazy friends. They make me laugh like freaking madness all the time and thats when I get my athsma and happiness.

I couldn’t make it for Enni’s akad and reception since I’m booked for the family vacation to Penang during Christmas weekend.

Then again, I’m never big on weddings to be honest.

Because it reminds me of something I might never have.

Because I have planned for the perfect wedding in my head.

Because during the reception, I will sit by the piano and sing …

“Your love is better than ice cream
better than anything else that I’ve tried
and your love is better than ice cream
everyone here know how to fight
and it’s a long way down
it’s a long way down
it’s a long way down to the place
where we started from
Your love is better than chocolate
better than anything else that I’ve tried
oh love is better than chocolate
everyone here knows how to cry
it’s a long way down
it’s a long way down
it’s a long way down to the place
where we started from…”

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