Season 1: Episode 8 – Stay this Way

Ketika saya turun ke bawah untuk mengalihkan kereta yang diparkir di Jalan Rozario supaya lebih dekat di lobi pejabat, saya dapati hujan turun dengan kadar yang agak lebat. Fine, so I’m not going to go upstairs. Saya terus meredah hujan, dengan membiarkan air hujan menitik ke muka bumi dan muka saya. Dengan kadar berhati-hati, saya meneruskan langkah menuruni Jalan Tun Sambanthan.

The raindrops have this magical effect when you walk in it.

To note that during that time, the perfect song was blasting in my ears from my “Abbey Road” iPod. Iya, itu nama baru iPod saya. Thanks chenta hati for that small keepsake of Abbey Road board magnet she got me. *hugs* *does cartwheels out of excitement*

*N’Dea Davenport of Brand New Heavies sings*

If our dreams are falling
down to the ground
Let them fly
Let the rain keep falling down
Cause baby I’m high
Now it will fly now that
we’re together oh ho
Love is so high stay this way forever

Saya teringat perbualan atas talian saya.

Me: I might be picking up some kittens this weekend. The ones I told you about, which you thought was Fynaz’s. Haha. Somewhere in Changkat Bukit Bintang. Dunno how my mom and dad would respond to it tho. But, think with my loveless life, I need a divertion. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Her: well . u and fly can share something in commin when it comes to ‘diversion’

Me: Nahhh ……. Hahaha, Fly lives alone. My initial intention was not actually that. I want my kids to have them actually. A small project for them. They love cats. Come on, loveless as it is, I’m partying like hard.

These days, some people are worried about me I know. Its so unlike me to let loose, looking as if I lose control of myself with excessive smoking, heavy partying and mingling with too many new people. Some just see it as I’m living my young life.

*silver screen*

Suatu ketika dulu, di kala lewat malam bersukaria di luar, satu pesanan teks ringkas masuk ke telefon bimbit saya.


“U late night stays & U smoking will not bring good to U. One fine day U realized all these…it’ll be too late! I’m feeling uncomfortable & sad”.

Kata-kata Abah memang betul. *keluhan*

But Abah … Life is about challenges, about discovering something new, about falling and bringing your own self up again on your own. After years of dedication, selfless devotion to family obligation, of not being able to be angry for you are the rock of composure to those fragile tempers of your loved ones, I figure, I am just letting loose.

I’m staying this way. Not in this phase.

But like walking in the rain. They say I would catch a cold. I’d say, “The cold will be worth those magical vibe of each raindrop brings”.

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