Season 1: Episode 6 – Virtual Insanity

“So, we have 8 companies. Want to do the Buddy Check? Take 4 each?”

“Okay, lets do that so Luke can do the write-ups before he leaves for holidays”

First company. Done. *pheww* Checking other people’s work can be a bit tiring and tedious at times, nevertheless, it comes with the job. Must do Pernille’s companies now, there’s 3 of them.

*press SAVE*

*page went blank*

*tekan butang F5 untuk segaran semula*

*masih kosong*

Argh! Tahap kesabaran jelas tercabar. Kepala sudah panas. Butang F5 ditekan berkali-kali namun hasilnya tetap sama, hamparan yang kosong. Jam menunjukkan pukul 3 petang.

“I want to cry”

Dagu dilabuhkan ke atas meja sambil mata masih menatap skrin komputer yang memaparkan hamparan kosong itu.

“Oh Nurol Latif, please don’t cry”

Sejenak setitis air mata bertakung di hujung mata kanan. Jari yang berkali-kali menekan butang F5 kini berhasil. Program yang ditunggu jelas terpapar di skrin.

Technology. Your life depends on it. Well, sadly but true, my career depends on staring at the monitor for 8 hours a day. So don’t blame me for being a Facebook junkie who write Notes every single day.

Met a new friend last night.

She mentioned something about insanity with regards to my stressful work encounters.

“What is sanity again? Does it have something to do with sanitary?”

We end up making jokes about sanitary room, sanitor, janitor and being sane. I like her already. Yes, give me crap and I consume it wholly.

Another hangout last night lead to another crappy BUT factual conversation. With regards to the word ‘absurd’.

Farah: i think im the few ones yg tak kesah single life pls. i mean, it wud be good if i hv a significant other to complete me, but klu takde..takdelaa i mati

Abby: I want to find an equal to my sarcastic wit. And if its just friends, so be it.

Farah: i like fun factual conversations, rather than mind boggling conversations.

Abby: Yes, true. I mean, its like … Its nothing serious. But it actually means we’re smart people. We know stuff

Farah: yes..i think we are the ppl yg we enjoy GOOD informative chaTs..

I think most of the time I talk is crap. Slapstick sarcastic shits. But its okay. Cos I’m talking to great people who gets my shits.

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