Love … is that inner smile we often disregard.

Last year was the first time my birthday falls on fasting month. I didn’t go out, shared a cake with my baby bro who’s birthday fell on the 22nd of September and had to literally beg Muid to bring me out to Ali Maju at PBD to have midnight hangout with Elyna and Kay, just so that I have human interaction on my birthday, AT LEAST.


I was poorly broke, jobless and in the lamest pathetic situation, then.


I thought, the year before that (2005) was wayyy better, I had a potluck birthday picnic at KLCC park.


This year, again, on a weekday, in the fasting month.


But I’m older, happier, have a decent job and have made lots of new friends as I develop more love with my existing friends.


Then, Atilia was scheduled for her gig at Bangkok Jazz on the 28th & 29th September. (ironically how her song suddenly played on my mp3 player, giler kuat kuasa minah ni)


I say why not. Why not have a birthday gathering, a gathering. Party is too costly. Plus I don’t have the means to sponsor parties.


So, I planned. Posted everywhere. My blog. Flickr. Told friends. Come come come. Hear this angel sing and give me hugs.


Things you plan. Sometimes, doesn’t really turn out the way you expected they would.


It turned out even better.


People came. People became friends. People hugged. People booked place in your heart.


Firstly I’d like to THANK Atilia for having this gig, if not, I wouldn’t know where else to crash, but also would like to APOLOGISE if we were a bit too LOUD at the little corner there. But I promise you this, LOTS, I mean, TONS OF GORGEOUS ATILIA SNAPSHOTS that night. And “Ready Or Not” jazzified, my goodness, You’re DA BOMB BABE!!!!!! Me and Muid menyanyi menari like hell (okayla, over exaggerated). ps:- I boleh dibawa majlis okay, gelas tu kes tak sengaja sebab taksub dengan korang. LOVE YOU LOTS BABE!


Then, my personal and close friends who have been with me for years. Salmi, Faris, Ibah, Yana and Naddy. These are my friends who have loved me for years, the innocent little confused being that I was back then, and the notty older bitch I’ve become today. Hehehe. Faris, thanks for the perfume and Ibah, thanks for the Putumayo cd. Salmi, next slumber party, kitaorang nak pasang Ciara Dance CD and dance pulak. No more SATC marathon, WE DANCE LIKE MAD OKAY!!!! The rest, your presence sudah best giler, worth the pungut’ing everyone everywhere. Hahaha (Muid yang bawak kereta pun).


Muid’s good friend, Nadiah, whom I last met in KLUEUrbanscape 2004. Thanks for crashing in!!!! Great to meet you again!


My newly lovable Fan’Tia’stic friends who have just known me for like freakin’ 3-4 weeks but loves me like crazy (ye, itu statement kasi perasan diri sendiri). OYA, FYNAZ AND GJIE!!!! (okayla, takleh put Emy under the ‘love me like crazy’ category). Sorry didn’t spend much time with you guys but thanks for the constant giler jokes, Oya’s constant kisses (I know you love me babe!), Fynaz’s hugs (besh peluk makcik ni) and Gjie’s crazy funny antics (hahaha, aku nak lagu twinkle litele star tambah untuk ringtone. Nyanyian khas Gjie dengan Tia!).


Tia’s great family and friends, Fatin (hahaha, we sambung super poke later), Shah, Chomel, Fizar and Zairi.


My newly lovable Flickr clan, Eka, Ena, Edri, Fairuz, Mizi, Faris, Johan, Magnus, Wira, Prakash, Waa (tho didn’t manage to catch up much), JingYing, Vignes. Its great to see people who shares passion in photography, enjoys great musi.c Magnus, you’re like the preacher in church screaming “Praise The Lord”!!!), Prakash cha-cha’ing with me and doing the Banghra and Chicken dance (giler bangga ada kawan sporting mcm ni!!), Fairuz (next time I cucuh-poke you! hehehe, best giler dapat superpoke LIVE!!!!), Mizi (yang paling awal RSVP! bagus bagus!), Johan (make sure lots of cute shot of me!), Eka (one button, puhlease, just one button!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Ena (glad I gave you the tangible hug that you needed, hope you felt better and will be better), Edri (a surprise one! who enjoyed seeing me cry with Magnus’s cerita anney), Wira (mintak Magnus your beria bercerita shot I took), JingYing (glad you came and danced and had fun!!!!), Vig (didn’t know you were THE sound engineer there. hehehe, Good Laaa!), Faris (at last, mr. man of leisure no-need-to-go-to-office in flesh! Thanks for coming bro!)


We continued our session at Pelita KLCC and yeah, I cried like hell laughing to Magnus’s story. Giler la. And thanks Magnus for letting me play with his camera. Me, definitely NIKON fan now! (I do use a Nikon pun).


It was a great night. It ended great as it was brilliantly planned.


Life goes on. Today, have to tukar timing belt kereta, iftar out with family and some few other things to settle. The thought of work comes. Especially, 20-page newsletter pending and its all on my shoulders. I have to do lots of write-up, article, reading.


Thursday will be my last day at work.


That’s a long way to go.


Today, I’m walking with the sweet thoughts of yesterday. Thanks guys!



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