A thank you note.

I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, for those who still care, and remember.


I’ll do this chronologically based on the sms, chats, wishes I’ve received.


To those who texted me:-

Ibah (Saya juga berharap hari-hari saya sentiasa indah dengan kehadiran kamu sebagai kawan yang setia), Farah (I felt a tear in my eye when reading “Luv u so much! N when i say i luv u, i really mean it”. I know you do babe. And you know how much I love you too, right), Faris (Saya juga mahu kaya!!!!!), Jay, Dayana, Bank Islam.sms. (hehehe, penangan PTPTN), Alin, Gjie, Bibi, Bayah, Lilia, Elyna, Anis, Mizi, Aiza, Sarcy, Farid, Che Din, Izham, Stanley (haha, my art buyer).


To those who wished via Yahoo! Messenger/Google Talk:-

Ena (thanks babe!), Faris & Salmi (yang tiba2 offline tanpa bye bye), Tini.


To those who MMSed me:-

Han, seriously, the clip is SO DEM CUTE!!!!


To those who called me:-

Farisa (all the way from London, I’m so touched and love you so much!), Yongie (yeah, my vain sister who ended up talking bout herself, hehe, but I love you yongie!), Viga (all the way from Singapore, cayalah bro, berjaya buat I rasa bersalah! hehe), Bibi (text lagi, call lagi, hehehe, love you Bibs!), Mizi (what a surprise!), Affa, Yana (never too late!).


To those who gave me a card:-

My family, love the notes, especially Colonel writing “Have a Great Time Ahead”. hehe. wow, colonel ask me to party kah???; My officemates who also called and sang via office extension, and later sang in the museum gallery. hehehe.


To those who wished via Facebook:-

Syiqin, Han Ghazi, Faizal, Salmi (grafiti cupcake yang sangat comel!), Hazlynda, Shafina, Isaac, Eka, Edri, Sharizal, Ariza, Kaz (hugster!!! BIG TIME!), Tini, Kak Ruby, Erna, Fatin Nadia (hahah, am waiting for what comes out of the plant dearest lickuid paper), Jaja, Grom Airiss.


To those who wished via Friendster:-

Gjie (dia lagi, bagus si kopi dangdut ni!), Maria, Oya (Nafsu 25th!), Fynaz, Emy, Tina, Miza, Valerie, Terew, Reza (see, complimentary thank yous come in blog and friendster!), Farah, Fidy, Kiena, Mahir, Dina, Five-Z, Soul, Hajar, Cupid, Viga, Ein.


I’m older, not old. And I have been loved. Thanks Guys!

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