Where? Where are you?

Thanks to Salmi, and our great slumber party last weekend, I’m haunted by this song by Bebel Gilberto. So, I looked up for the lyrics and tried finding the right translation for it.


Please excuse my poor translation research but Portugese is such a wonderful and beautiful language. I first fell in love with Desafinado then The Girl from Ipanema which lead me to believe, I am actually a malay born with a brasillian heart. Hehehe.


Enjoy the wonderful lyrics which not only translated from freetranslation.com, but also communicated whats in my heart.


Cadê Você? by Bebel Gilberto


Cadê? Cadê Você?
Que eu só quero te ver, quero te ver
Com quê? Com o quÊ?
Que eu vou te convencer, te convencer

Quem sabe alguem vai saber se envolver
E depois não vai ter mais ninguem pra se ter


Porquê? Porquê que eu não posso saber?
Posso entender?
Não vem, que não tem…
Que isso já foi meu bem, já foi meu bem!

Quem sabe voce nunca quis nem saber
E assim não tem mais o porquê pra viver


(Gracias a Fleur por esta letra)

Where is? Where are You?
That I alone I want to see, I want see
With what? With the what?
That I go convince you, convince you

Who knows someone goes to know be involved
And afterwards is not going to have more nobody for the have


Reason? Reason that I do not be able to know?
I can understand?
Does not come, that does not have…
That that already was mine well, already was mine well!

Who knows you never wanted neither know
And like this does not have more the reason for the live


(Thanks to Fleur for this lyrics taken from http://www.wowlyrics.com/read.php?wow=1936789)




It’s 1.37am. and raining. the perfect mood for the song. and I’m thinking of someone who slips away without a Goodbye. Never thought I would experience what I once wrote last year. A quote I put in one of my blog entries which made an impact to some of my friends, but not me at that moment.


Now I’m totally feeling it.


“Those who left with goodbyes doesn’t haunt our thoughts as much as those who slips away in silence.”


With this song. there can be no better words and melody to describe.


Call me stupid. call me sappy. call me anything.


I hope tomorrow I’ll forget.


I hope tomorrow I’ll stop looking.


I hope tomorrow will be a new day.


But for tonight. I’ll think of that someone. With the question.


Cadê? Cadê Você?

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