Salaam Ramadhan (eid Mubarak)

Salaam and Greetings to all,


You guys might just know me as Abby Latif or maybe Nurol Latif if we’re connected through work. We might never have met, maybe occasionally bumped into each other and exchanged callcards or during those functions where millions of people would show up (yeah, just got to know there’s 6 million people residing in Kuala Lumpur). Whatever it is, this note comes from the same person, whatever name you chose to call me with.


Ramadhan has arrived and in a community where collectivism is practiced and love is highly preached, there’s no boundaries in respecting and sharing each others’ great values. For the Muslims, we are advised to seek for forgiveness before we start our respectable fasting month, in order to cleanse our souls and start anew.


So, I would like to take this opportunity (as my v.v.poor memory would allow me) to apologise for any of my wrong doings, if I’ve said things I shouldn’t have, disturbed you at the wrong time and unknowingly irritate you with my constant sarcasm. We might be mutual acquaintances but I know some, I have hold dearly to my heart, loved, laughed, cried and hugged.


There are times we need to be reminded.
There are times we forget.
There are times we smile for each other.
And there are times we live to regret.

But this time around
I ask to share a smile and hold out my hand
Offering a sincere friendship along the way.


May you all have a great Ramadhan ahead, enjoy the Bazaar Ramadhan and Iftar outings with family and friends.


Lots of Love,
Abby Latif (Nurol Latif)


Mistress of the Cosmic Abyss


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