If I can just squeeze a lil bit of time

then I can write a lil bit of note.

things I can’t write elsewhere.

things I’m not afraid to share.

here at least.

I handed in my resignation letter.

tho I was a bit upset.

I seriously love my job.

but I need to move on.

make the right decision.

being 25 and work at a place with no career advancement is not good.

who say its good, please raise your hand and smack me good.

I want to work in a place that I know I’ll be a senior exec, an assistant manager, a manager and so forth.

thats my only reason for leaving.

but I’m leaving a job that I love.

it’ll be weird to know this is the end.

well, maybe not this … in 3 weeks time.

I hope its for the best.

I hope I’ve made the right decision.

I hope I can see the moon tonight and the sun tomorrow and smile.

I hope she said goodbye.

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