An insecure rambling (a thank you note)

I’ve been smiling a lot lately. From the inside. There’s excessive honest love circulating within the air that I breathe in and there’s nothing else to do but feel positive about everything.


I have a second interview calling for marcus evans. if I get in, it’ll be my first sales work. I know, sales, but if you can do sales, you can do anything (thats the business person calling).


I went to follow boss to visit IJN today. Being in the room waiting for the bypass surgery to finish was intense. I have this very heavy heart. I am in no relation to Tun M but I am adoring the man for who he is and the leader that he is so my heart felt for everything that he’s going through.


Let’s say our prayers for the best.


I remember sitting closely to him listening to him addressing some foreign university administrators. I was totally at awe and felt a lump in my throat, for the respect that I have highly regarded for him. And when I escorted him, there was just the two of us climbing the stars, I’m like ‘shit, I’m personally escorting THE MAN’!!!!


Good to know that the surgery was a success, but still, prayers are much needed and faith is much expected. I wrote this down in MaM’s blog:-


in faith we hold
in prayers we say
in hope we trust
in best we pray.


Anyways. in life. there’s things that we have to let go and paths that we have to take.


I’m taking mine slowly.


With this smile in my heart.


I might have not found the love of my life.


But god is great. the love from friends and some newly found stranger-becoming-friends have made me realised, the avenue for love is so wide, like the open sky.


In love, you don’t fall, you rise up high.


Thanks to everyone who made me feel worthy of the air that I breathe.


For my parents, who didn’t nag when I came home at 12am or 1am or even 3am.


For my sister who just had her convocation earlier. demmit, she’s got a masters degree now. congrats yongie!!!


For my brother who has been my best friend.


For my adik2 who loves me and respects me.


For my friends. who understands. who loves me.


For my newly found friends. atilia, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but you make me feel loved. juliana ibrahim, happy birthday baby, you’re the only soul that makes me believe the heart can love without limits. for dina zaman who I’ve never met, but yeah, I adore you for being the facebook goddess. for my flickr friends who are so honestly friendly. for eka for taking great photos of me and making me feel pretty. for ibs who always listen, always listen. not forgetting alin, who’s on air with SIA somewhere, who has been my rock, make me feel like I’m human at my lowest point.


If you’re not mentioned here, I’ll be constantly writing this thank you note.


In life, there’s no lame in gratitude.


In life, if you want to smile, make others smile for you too.


Thanks for reading. now, wanna go yamchar? hehe.

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