Are you feeling free???

So, Malaysia have been freed for 50 years. But of course, if we do a lot of thinking, as proven we are independent from any colonialisation, we are still colonised in some ways, say MTV, Hollywood and Bollywood for instance.


Though I’m not gonna dwell much on that.


Apparently I haven’t been updating much. When I met my x-schoolmates, they told me that I’ve been like a very busy person. When I’m not actually busy. But my mind was full of thoughts. I have been thinking so much these days. Dwelling on memories I shouldn’t have, thinking about my future undertakes and at the end of the day, I sat alone quietly.


These days, I’m very much into updating my Flickr and Facebook. Yes, am addicted to both. Facebook apparently features a lot of my matured friends, who are mostly above 27, and Flickr features most of the wackos from different backgrounds who are passionate in photography.


So, this portal will only be updated with thoughts and poetry. Which means only when I’m poetically inspired or when I found my muse. If not, I’ll only be available on Flickr and Facebook.


I know I am now disappointing some of my readers, but I think this is just a phase. I’m sorry.


Owh … its September … and we started off September with such a great start.


First, the KLickr Merdeka Shoot, although I was separated with the rest of the group, but we followed our glamour board a.k.a. Anna Rina’s boyfriend, we went the other way before getting back with the group. But at least I’ve make it up to them since I missed the Flickr party at Maison last Tuesday. Great meeting Erna and Mysara back after awhile. And the whole wacko people that made me smile and made the body ache worthwhile!!!


The next day, despite the body ache, I went to Tina’s engagement and met the girls, Lilia, Tazz, Roxie, Dayana and Surya (with respective spouses, hehehe). Its great to see them after awhile. Sorry babes, for not being able to join you guys, becos I’ve made prior engagement. You know me, I don’t do spontaneous hangouts if I’ve fixed my calendar. Sorry. Next time ok. We wait for Alin.


After that, on the night of 1st september, we went to the Wine Room to watch my beloved songbird sing. Although she wasn’t feeling well, the moment she stepped on the stage, magic happened and of course, she looks gorgeous as ever! Thanks to ATILIA (my fav. babe), Muid, Eka, Ibah,, Naufal, Naddy and Moya. Plus my other new friends who I met there, Donna, and Nora (with her entourage), not forgetting bumping into my sis Yongie and my brother-in-law Malik during our mamak hangouts.


To all, I love you for kickstarting September with lots of Good Vibes!

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