by your side.


lappie sudah sihat. hati sungguh gumbira. altho, lappie have to install lots of stuff back. nevermind. tatih lappie. me lurve lappie. muah muah muah *on the screen*

kakak mydin belakang rumah sudah mula memasak menggunakan mulut. ahh, gossip harian.

will be going out with alin. altho she promised abby that she’ll be abby’s the whole night tonight, she still to dinner with the BF.

nevermind. abby can wait.

abby is officially the part time lover for her GFs.

abby is happy and content.

abby got interview on thursday. will run downtown for it. abby ngelat. tak jaga muzium. will have to sogok munawar lunch for manning the booth alone. if not, will let munawar go back early. lagipun, abby cannot stay with munawar too long. hehehe. abby will man the booth alone. abby will be happy. abby will bring laptop with abby. abby can do work, or maybe just edit gegambar.

which reminds, abby must take pictures with alin.

abby love alin. 🙂

yeah, so what if abby is gay. hahahahahaha ….

abby is so in love with herself, she has no time to look for anyone. maybe The Rabbit. Anyone know how to get one?

dina zaman wrote, The Rabbit is not a SATC myth.

abby will try to get it online. when abby is randy enough. hehehe.

abby must have dinner with the folks. colonel is happy with his new car. hehe. colonel was so happy last night when abby got the phone call for the interviews. colonel just want the best for his girl. parents want the best for their children. those who thinks that their parents don’t do that, well, maybe their parents just forgot. they’ll come about.

abby must get dressed and go down for dinner.

abby lapar. 3 nicotine sticks not so fulfilling.

heh. altho boss sudah belanja mcd. haha.

okay, abby chow downstairs dulu.

making the right decision

after last week that I sent out 5 CVs, I got a call from 2 departments from the same company and 1 good email response that would follow up with it’s HR.

problem is, I’m too nice to tell them that I can only start as my contract ends in November.

got home and had a talk with the colonel.

colonel told me, just go ahead with the interview and ignore the contract. millions of people run away from contracts and had lived fine with it.

so … I’m grabbing this opportunity.

I’m still young. I have the whole Malaysia to explore, if not the whole world.

owh, today, lappie’s coming back to mummy. 😀