finding never-say-never-land

I’m quite bumped when I wake up without my lappie beside me this morning. yes, apparently my lappie has been my faithful sleeping partner these days. I would wake up in the middle of the night, turn to my left and just press F5 to refresh all my homepages. with the wonders of wireless technology, I have become a computer geek and apparently, my social life consist of more virtual acquaintances rather than face-to-face meetings.

this is quite pathetic, especially from a communications practitioner.

I have sent out 5 CVs last week. Quite anxious to know the outcome. I know, usually the ratio would be for every 10 CVs sent out, you might land with one lucky interview, that was what I had last year after I graduated. Everytime I explain to people about what I do in my current job, I felt like I have had this one great job.

but with no career advancement and the traveling distance (Selayang-Putrajaya on a daily basis), I’ve asked around and was agreed that they were valid reasons for me to leave my current job. I haven’t told boss yet, since I haven’t gotten a good deal offered yet. contract ends in November, with the fasting month, it kinda felt longggg way to go.

I wish I was headhunted.

I’m not yet 25. will be 25 in sept 25th. I dunno whether I’m still young and there’s a lot more for me in life, or I am at the age where I could’ve done more. I see young young people achieving so much more and here I am, thinking I haven’t done enough.

but sometimes, I think I have done fairly enough. I read my CV over and over again. Massive corporate events with top ministers, former prime minister, ministers from other countries, top key players of industries. That should be a bonus for landing a job in corporate communications.

have I tried hard enough?

am I giving up?

never give up.

but … will I ever survive in this never-say-neverland?

am I strong enough?

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