kisah si abby tamak



not in the mood for nasi.

fiqah is eating maggi.

“kak yang. nak rasa. kari meletup?”

“hah? sape meletup? *eats maggi* huyooo, meletup nyah!!!”

az laughs. “kak yang makan maggi ke? saya masakkan”

me think …. hesitate. me change me mind. “boleh la. letak telur”

az puts a pot of water on the stove.

“takpe la, kak yang masak sendiri”

took over. made maggi. put it into a bowl and got my pirates of the carribean tumbler filled with pepsi.

“okaylah, kak yang nak meletup kat atas”.

went upstairs. put bowl of kari meletup maggi on me desk. open The Perfect Hostage: A Life of Aung San Suu Kyi to read while ‘meletuping’.

No. Subject matter too serious.

Opened The Essential Rumi: Translation by Coleman Bark.

Read 2 poems. Hurm. Too mellow.

Grabbed Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason from book pile.

Perfect! Funny!

Felt tamak, now got 3 books wide opened on table.

need to write down. if not, no reminder of tamakness, later in life will regret.

Hence, reason being me here writing this note.

apparently kari meletup didn’t have impak maksima on me.

Impak Maksima, good effort by Ahmad Idham but a bit of copycat. Thats personal opinion.

Now, wanna sambung reading. Dunno which book. Slept the whole day. Now …. cannot sleep. Heheheheheh ….

finding never-say-never-land

I’m quite bumped when I wake up without my lappie beside me this morning. yes, apparently my lappie has been my faithful sleeping partner these days. I would wake up in the middle of the night, turn to my left and just press F5 to refresh all my homepages. with the wonders of wireless technology, I have become a computer geek and apparently, my social life consist of more virtual acquaintances rather than face-to-face meetings.

this is quite pathetic, especially from a communications practitioner.

I have sent out 5 CVs last week. Quite anxious to know the outcome. I know, usually the ratio would be for every 10 CVs sent out, you might land with one lucky interview, that was what I had last year after I graduated. Everytime I explain to people about what I do in my current job, I felt like I have had this one great job.

but with no career advancement and the traveling distance (Selayang-Putrajaya on a daily basis), I’ve asked around and was agreed that they were valid reasons for me to leave my current job. I haven’t told boss yet, since I haven’t gotten a good deal offered yet. contract ends in November, with the fasting month, it kinda felt longggg way to go.

I wish I was headhunted.

I’m not yet 25. will be 25 in sept 25th. I dunno whether I’m still young and there’s a lot more for me in life, or I am at the age where I could’ve done more. I see young young people achieving so much more and here I am, thinking I haven’t done enough.

but sometimes, I think I have done fairly enough. I read my CV over and over again. Massive corporate events with top ministers, former prime minister, ministers from other countries, top key players of industries. That should be a bonus for landing a job in corporate communications.

have I tried hard enough?

am I giving up?

never give up.

but … will I ever survive in this never-say-neverland?

am I strong enough?