malam isnani

kakak mydin ni bingit la. its 11.23pm. sibuk la galak bergossip. hurm. I just got back from the Malaysian Short Film screening at HELP. okayla. went there alone, met someone, had a ciggie partner. thats good enough for an occasion where you know no one. the short films are good, but I love “Qalam” by Hadi Koh the most. Its about a man searching for God at the wrong places. But I nearly cried towards the end. It brings perspective. Altho “Comolot” which won the top vote for the night deals with a terrific issue, “homosexual love”, I still think “Qalam” is the best. The others hold some key essence in their respective manner. Bravo for the effort. Altho I was a bit disappointed with how the students, filmakers-to-be brought themselves. Without articulation, they barely answer what was asked. This is quite saddening, when some of us who know shit about film making can talk about it passionately, but those who are given the opportunity of knowledge and facilities, couldn’t even understand what was asked, let alone answer it correctly. This is a pity because they do have potential in film-making and if in the future, their films worth the film festivals, how could they bring themselves as ambassadors of the country? I know creative people aren’t always the most articulate, but at least, some passion and drive when asked concerning the field they breathe in. I know this is not learned in school. the art of answering lies in the initiative of the person. 11.30pm. kakak mydin have resided in a quieter manner. okayla. but battery is out. malas nak charge. will head down to watch tv. yes, the idiot box. I’m not that smart anyways. cos I always write about kakak mydin. as if I have nothing better on my mind. well, I don’t actually. heh.

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