being raised

today, I received a Certificate of Achievement from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman upon the completion of the Fundraising and Communications course. It has been a stressful, tiring, but exciting and eye-opening 2 months for me. When I was assigned to join the course, I was thinking, oh gosh, there goes my Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. Well, to tell the truth, prior to the course, I didn’t really come straight home after work anyways, there were always yamchar sessions with my friends, if not alone. I need the break from the traveling I do daily. And yes, one cannot deny the nicotine and caffeine break, especially when one is happily indulging in guilty pleasures, can she? hehehe.

altho it wasn’t a proper certificate giving for me because before they started with the certificate giving, I’ve already on my feet to rush for another work-related event in Putrajaya. I was a bit sad, most of all to not have the chance for a proper goodbye with the little group who have opened my eyes. Truly an experience, worth the rushing through those heavy traffic congestions from Putrajaya on weekdays and Jalan Kuching on Saturday mornings.

Going to class, altho it might seem a bit boring and tiring, but the people made smiles feel warm. Yes, there are times when smiles can get cold. Although smiles adelah sedekah, but some people sedekah tak ikhlas. Hahaha. I owe this especially to my Fantastic groupmates, Carol, Joe, Suzana on the first day then Alawiyah and Valerie whom I met throughout the course. Working in such a government-like environment although we are fully NGO, I don’t meet a lot of people from other races. So, its nice, and I had fun. I had a lot of fun actually. I truly love the guys, Simon, Jeremy and Joe to name few. I admire the indiscriminating group of people who actually made me understand the importance of acceptance, especially when one suffered inferiority complex as she was growing up. Public acceptance have been quite a great issue in our culture but these people made me realise that its about tolerance, above all.

I told Ms Ann Woo, the person who solely initiated the idea for such course, that after all this, instead of being a fundraiser or working for an NGO, I’m actually aspired to become a Corporate Philanthropist. To be on the other side of the fundraising world. The giver.

The funny thing in life, is that when I joined Maxis Communications as an intern, I was absorbed in the Corporate Events and Sponsorship department and I started my corporate step there. This lead me to write my thesis in Corporate Social Responsibility, such thing I never heard of then, let alone included in my syllabus when I did my International Business major. I completed my International Business major just to start my first job with an NGO. Where the world of NGO starts when a person retires from the corporate world and wanted to work for a mission, I stepped into the working world in a job with a mission. Irregardless of what mission a person would start of, its still defines who I am. A giver. If before, I used to call myself a people pleaser, I come to a conclusion that we all are here to give. To give back. For what we’ve earned. A Life.

Being out of the topic for a while, some fellow coursemates from SPCA brought some pets to show us how to pamper animals. I got to play with the two small kittens and the cutest puppy. I have not interest in dogs before but the puppy is so cute, I couldn’t resist patting him when he blocked my way to exit. I wish I could hold him up and just play with him but I was in a hurry. The kittens, Ginger and Garlic, one white and brown were adorable animals. I told Yi Ching of SPCA that I might want to reserve them, becos me and Muid have been thinking of adopting some cats for home. Yeah, adding to my parents’ concern, if not resentment. As if both of us will be at home taking care of the cats. But kittens are irresistible.

Anyways, now, at Ali Maju, PBD, my usual hangout, before I head home, I’m writing this down. Because I doubt I’d write it when I reach home. Because it has been a very long day, I’m totally exhausted and I might just sleep at home and not jot anything down.

Tomorrow would be another story. Another day. Tiring, I’ve foreseen. Yes, I am indeed telepathetic.

But for today, its all okay. Although I was previous saddened by the fact that I didn’t even have time for lunch because had to rush from Petaling Jaya to Putrajaya. Dengan Jayanya, saya kini menulis entri ini. I might just lepak for a few more minutes. Then head home for a nice long sleep. Am thinking of days to ask for leave. I’m worn out. Totally worn out.

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