tuesday night

10.11pm. tadi kakak mydin gossip pasal kena spotcheck. heh. bukan niat di hati untuk mendengar, but pitching kakak mydin agak tinggi. hahaha. pitching tu apa? saya pun tak tahu. but I just use the word, it sounds cool. as if you know. hahaha. well, I bet this word has been popularised by those judges in those singing reality shows. I’m a sucker for singing reality shows. altho I kutuk afterwards. but I wanna be the stage manager. they don’t know how to utilise stage. as if I know. hahaha. kenkadang kelakar la kakak mydin ni. pukul 10.13pm. baru nak makan dinner. hurm, should I be nosy and advise them not to take dinner that late. or maybe they’re having supper. hahaha. kepoh giler. as if I don’t have anything else to do. well, can’t talk about things going on in my life. then, I’ll bore you. owh, hari ni, saya menggunakan kecanggihan teknologi yang diaplikasikan dengan penerimaan laptop oleh colonel. since I don’t have an mp3 player but muid gave me the cassette adapter he used during those stoneage time when he drove kancil, so what I did was to put my laptop on the co-pilot’s seat, and attach the casette adapter to the laptop and wallah, kedengaran merdu suara penyanyi penyanyi antarabangsa dan tempatan bersilih ganti melalui laptop ke radio kereta. rasa hebat giler, macam pro-IT gitu. hahaha. as if you would know better. hey, I’m trying to be creative ok! I got home, colonel was having a smoke outside and got down to talk with him about some business plans I have in mind. he said I have to build a more credible portfolio first. its good, sitting down and chatting with the colonel. after this, I will have to ajar colonel untuk menggunakan printer/fax/scanner/copier yang baru dibeli for his office. maybe I should be a technician. hurm. my colleague proposed me to be a security guard considering sometimes I find it hard to sleep at night. no, I’m not insomniac. I’m just horny. hahaha. no, I’m not a pervert. as if you’re not randy once a while. takdelah, itu bukan isu nya, cuma, I just sometimes get sooooo exhausted sampai tidak boleh tidur. hohoho. pelik sungguh bunyinya. hari ini, saya melakukan survey di friendster. hahaha. bosan giler. I wanted to post it here, but, at least, posting it at the buletin board in friendster gives you the choice to read or not, whereas here, you’d be annoyed to “have” to read it. as if you’re not already annoyed reading practically crappy nonsense and updates of the life of kakak mydin belakang rumah saya. 10.21pm, kakak mydin masih belum makan. hurm. kerja banyak kot. as if I don’t have anything else to do. and as if you do. hahahaha. I’ll write a more intellectual post after this. apparently, I’ve become dumb and stupid as time goes by. as if time waits for me to be smart. as if ……..

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