monday night

its 9.51pm. kakak mydin mesti penat bekerja. tak bising-bising. I felt bad, belum set up printer colonel. hurm. I need to speed things. asal on computer je, chatting la pelbagai. owh, kakak mydin sudah mula bergossip. hehehe. told my friend, I might rename this blog to “rumahku di belakang rumah kakak mydin”. she said I’m the nosy neighbour. I said, I prosper thy neighbour. hehehehe …. its 9.55pm, monday night gossip session bagi kakak mydin. heh. I got home quite early. wanted to singgah meet my friend but she’s busy. I chatted with my rock. my confidante who went away to work in singapore. funny thing, she can tell when I hide things, when I’m not really doing good. agak sedih, she’s not here. I want to hug her. I want her voice telling me I’ll be okay. its been awhile, I want to hug someone who would understand me. people apparently have no time to lend a hug anymore. either they’re too busy or they’re afraid of me, what a load of shit. either way, hugs should never be kept to oneself. it should be spread around. I don’t see why people chose to gossip then hug. whats wrong with hugging? I like hugging. I being hugged and being affectionate with someone. mungkin kakak mydin tu, adelah manusia yang affectionate. mungkin. 10.06pm. kakak mydin sidai kain sambil berkemban. hehehehehehe …. nothing much to see. my stuffs are better. heh.

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