sunday evening

its 7.14pm. after 12 hours. kakak mydin sudah tidak berbunyi lagi. hormat maghrib kot. baguslah begitu. the colonel is confiscating my pc tomorrow. in return, he will give his laptop to me. okayla. I’m accepting it. at least I’ll be on mobile from now on. next month’s budget, buy a cool and bigger bag to fit the laptop and all my junkies wankies stuff. I do carry battery operated devices in my sling bag. cannot leave at home. will need when instant urges kick in. yes, terima kasih kerana berfikiran kotor. saya bermaksudkan digicam kesayangan dan gadget-gadget yang lain. saya tahu, selepas post “tepuk dada saya, tanya selera masing-masing”, ramai singa-singa menunggu masa untuk put their paws on my dada. invitation still opens, but with warning incase I bukak pencak silat. heh. tanya la selera masing-masing. kakak mydin tak masak kot hari ni. selalu time-time cenggini, riuh rendah bunyi kelentang-kelentung periuk belanga berpencak silat bersama suara nyaring gossip harian. kenapa pencak silat menjadi tumpuan, saya pun tidak tahu. 7.19pm, saya penat. but I wanna share what I’ve written after the convention. I sat down at Dome KLCC enjoying my caffeine and nicotine break while brainfarting these following thoughts.

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“The Making of Bangsa Malaysia”, was the utmost interesting, controversial and yet endless topic chosen as the premise for the Perdana Leadership Foundation’s panel session at the recent 5th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS) held at the KL Convention Centre on the 5th of August 2007. Despite it being a Sunday morning and the last day of the convention, the session not only managed to attract more than 30 participants that consists of people from all ethnicities (foreign and local), but also got the floor to engage in a heated discussion on the sensitive issues surrounding the formation of “Bangsa Malaysia”, which was originally initiated by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The panel session which was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak (UUM), and convened by Dr. Mustapa Kassim (IPDM/UUM) gathered some top local academicians which includes Dr. Ariffin Omar (UUM), Dr. D.S. Ranjit Singh (UM), Dr. K. Nadaraja (UUM) and the Foundation’s own scholars, Ms Sue Valquis Mashhor and Mr. R. Sivaperegasam.

The session started with each panel who was given 20 Minutes to speak on subjects of their expertise which comprises of the overview of what is Bangsa Malaysia; the definition of Malay; an overview of the foreign colonisation and occupation; islamic fundamentalism and other contentious issues; nation building under the Vision 2020 context; a retrospect of agendas and policies implemented by all 5 Prime Ministers of Malaysia and its relevance as a guideline for the future; and “Ketuanan Melayu” (Malay Supremacy).

I am pretty sure that I was the youngest in the crowded room and spent most of my time on my feet, taking photos of the session as of listening attentively to the discussion. As much as I doubt any of my friends, if not my peers, would be of an interest in the subject, nevertheless, I felt like a representative of the youth, if not the millennia generation.

In creation of “Bangsa Malaysia”, race has been the most important and integral part of the formation of the subject. I have been talking to a lot of foreigners lately and every single one of them agreed on the harmony and utmost tolerance that we practice in our society. Thus, raising the question of “Why is it still a difficult attempt to create this Bangsa Malaysia, if such tolerance is practiced in a harmonious and unite nation comprising of diversified ethnicity?”.

Malaysia was built by a group of people who were educated under the colonial education system. With a combination of well-educated and open-minded elitist and politicians, independence was achieved 50 years ago. Despite a couple of racial riots like the unforgettable 13th May Tragedy, leaders of all races tried to tolerate each other for the survival of their respective races.

This lead to the only issue that human being struggle endlessly in life. “To survive and maintain existence”. Nobody chose to not exist. In order to exist, we have to survive. Those who failed to survive, will end up in extinction. People who managed to survive will have to evolve, not only physically, but also mentally, in order to maintain their bare existence. That’s the circle of life, which leads to how we live. Putting death aside, this is what we practice, in order to not disappear from the face of the earth.

For someone without an academic qualification on the subject (business school teach you to make money, bulks of money, for not yourself, unfortunately), this has been thought through and concluded by rationalisation and logical thinking. Those who study philosophy would come across the basic but most popular question ever asked, “WHY DO WE EXIST?”

The panel discussion brought us to the implementation of policies by the reigning government for the past 50 years. As we discuss about the formation of “Bangsa Malaysia” within the existing races in Malaysia, what about the excessive inflow of undocumented workers who are actually creating their own “Malaysian culture” in Malaysia? This issue prevails the level of tolerance practiced by the government. We have tolerated the inflow of these immigrants or migrants to our country by understanding the need of their existence in building our economy. This is not the matter of showing to the world that Malaysia is a tolerant nation but more to understanding the significant of such existence of other races in order for our own people to survive.

But if such understanding is practiced, then why is there a problem or sensitivity that rise within the context of unity?

Being young and naive, I’ve realised all my theories end with a question. Even discussing such an intellectually-inclined issue, I can’t help from being philosophical.

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thats all I got from that break. I think becos I pushed my brain too hard, I got brain numb again. kakak mydin dah start masak-masak. its 7.50pm. I better mandi, then pasang radio kuat2, then menari half naked. yeah. why not annoy them. ingat aku suka sangat ke terlibat dalam terdengar gossip-gossip pekerja mydin? its 7.52pm. my room is a mess. my cousin is sleeping over with his fiance. afis had to crash in my room becos fiqah had to sleep with the fiance. malam ni takde kakak mydin berkemban sidai baju. but, gossip dalam bilik boleh tahan kuat la. argh, aku nak pasang radio and menari half-naked. hahaha.