life goes on …. and on … and on …

the trouble with remembering is that you never can go back
the trouble with tomorrow is that I’m living in the past

When You Miss Somebody by Tompi-

Today is my last day driving to work from Sungai Besi. Probably the last day I can wake up at 6am, and leave the house at 7am to get to work before 7.30am. Today was good, I arrived earlier than one of the two people who always arrive ahead of me. (“,)

Starting Monday, I’ll be commuting to work from Selayang. That’ll be Selayang to Putrajaya back to Selayang every single day. In my email to friends, I wrote ‘every freakin’ day’. Heh.

On the bright side, I’ll have more time to sing my lungs out in the car, and I got to really beat the sun this time, maybe not upon my arrival to work, but at least, as leaving the house early, I can see how she rises, I can spare a few moments exchanging goodbye embraces with the moon.

On the darker side, I don’t know how my body would cope. I rarely have the want and desire to eat these days except during the weekends. I rarely take dinner, I eat very lightly in the office, I don’t do lunch, and I bring ‘bekal’ from home, whatever my mom’s maid managed to prepare on the table and sometimes, when I eat them around 10am, they have already gone cold so I don’t eat that much as well. At nights, I would feel hungry, but I rather sleep than go to the kitchen and have something to eat. So, the only energy source would be from whatever scrap of food I manage to take during the day and I will have strong black coffee throughout the day at the office. An average of 3 cups a day. Yes, caffein rules!!!!

The only thing I’m looking forward is just to finally have my own room which I can really decorate as I want. Well, in Sungai Besi, we lived in army quarters, so we can’t really paint of have anything on the walls.

I’m so used to moving every 3 years all my life, and this move, have been the least I’ve participated in. Sangat malas sudah. But my parents, despite having moved for about 14 times throughout my dad’s service, are still strong and it kind of make me look bad. So, I’m trying my best. The constant traveling to move the books and stuff back and forth Selayang-Sungai Besi is really draining my pocket, fuel consumption, horrendous!

But the fact, in a way, I managed to squeeze in a few forbidden pleasures along the sideway, then its okay.

Its just tiring thinking of the future traveling!

okay, I need my second cup of black coffee now!